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Thepla Recipe – How to make Gujarati Methi Thepla

Thepla is a popular traditional Gujarati recipe. We can have Theplas as snack or as a wholesome meal. It is very healthy as it contains fresh Fenugreek leaves which is very rich in Iron. We can also take it along… Continue reading →

Why Is Low Temperature Cooking Healthy – Benefits of Low Heat Cooking

Slow cooking or Low temperature cooking is popularly attached with good taste. Often we hear about Dal Makhani recipes, from popular restaurants, that are cooked over night. Or a Dum Biryani recipe that is cooked in low flame for hours… Continue reading →

Rajma Masala Recipe – How to make Rajma Masala

Rajma Masala is a popular punjabi recipe. Rajma Masala is cooked slowly on a low to medium flame in a onion-tomato based thick gravy to give the perfect taste. Rajma also has health benefits associated with it. It has high… Continue reading →

Masala Chaas Recipe or Butter Milk Recipe, How To Make Chaas Butter Milk

Butter Milk is a popular summer drink. It acts as a cooling as well as digestion agent. Butter Milk is used all over India as a refresher. Butter Milk has generally thin consistency which you may vary depending on our taste…. Continue reading →

Tamatar Chutney Recipe – How to make Tomato Chutney?

Tamatar Chutney is sweet and spicy in taste. Tomatoes itself give little tangy taste. Addition of Green Chillies and Ginger makes it little spicy. Tamatar Chutney is generally served with Kachoris, Paranthas, Theple, Pakodas and Chaats as well. Tamatar Chutney… Continue reading →

Amritsari Chole Masala Recipe, How To Make Amritsari Chole Masala

Amritsari Chole Masala is a famous punjabi dish. It tastes great with Kulcha, Naan, Bhatura and Jeera Rice. I have tried multiple variants of recipes but this is the best that worked. I am making the Chole recipe which is… Continue reading →

Vegetable Poha Recipe – How To Make Chooda Pulao Recipe

Vegetable Poha is a popular breakfast and evening snacks recipe. This snack is made in central and western states of India, each with a different style. While the Maharashtrian style is made with potato, the Indori style is uses vegetables… Continue reading →

Chooda Matar Recipe – Peas Poha Recipe Banarsi Style

Chooda Matar is a  popular banarasi breakfast during winters. It tastes best with fresh green peas which we get in winters. It has a very different sweet and tangy taste, unlike maharashtrian poha made with potato or other vegetables. Ingredients Used… Continue reading →

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe – How To Make Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is one of my favourite Indian desserts. I love to have a bowl of hot Gajar Ka Halwa topped with nuts on a cold winter evening. I remember as a kid I couldn’t resist myself from binging… Continue reading →

Eggless Vanilla Cake Recipe

It’s that time of the year when we shift our focus from the Indian Gulab Jamuns to the western world cakes. We are trying the very basic Vanilla Cake today. This is going to be a eggless version of the… Continue reading →

How To Make Ghee at Home – Desi Ghee From Malai (Clarified Butter)

In my previous post, we looked at how to make White Butter or Makhan, now we will make homemade Clarified Butter or Desi Ghee which we will prepare from Makhan. The Makhan itself is made from Malai. I have learnt this… Continue reading →

How To Make White Butter At Home – Homemade White Butter Recipe (Makhan)

Homemade butter, better known as Makhan, is very simple and easy to make. It goes well with bread and all kind of paranthas, specially when you are serving it the Punjabi style. The best thing about homemade Butter is that… Continue reading →

Kaju Pista Cookies Recipe – Eggless (Cashew Pistachio Cookies)

We have previously done Kesar Pista Cookies, Jeera Cookies, Almond Cookies and now it is turn for Kaju Pista Cookies. Kaju Pista Cookies are one of the popular cookies in India. It is known for the crispy texture. They are eggless… Continue reading →

Badam Cookies Recipe Eggless – (Almond Cookies)

We made Kesar Pista Cookies last week, now we will look at Badam Cookies, which is healthier. The recipe is similar to what we have done earlier but I have given a different shape to the cookies this time using… Continue reading →

Jeera Cookies Recipe – Eggless (Cumin Cookies)

Jeera Cookies is a popular cookie that goes well with tea. It has an Indian taste made with a combination of sweet and salt. Everyone has sweet childhood memories associated  with Jeera Cookies. As compared to Kesar Pista Cookies, this… Continue reading →

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