Homemade butter, better known as Makhan, is very simple and easy to make. It goes well with bread and all kind of paranthas, specially when you are serving it the Punjabi style. The best thing about homemade Butter is that it is pure, free from any kind of additives, colouring agent and preservatives. The Makhan at home is made with Malai that you collect over weeks from milk.

Ingredients used for Homemade Butter:

The following ingredients are for approximately 200gms butter.

  • Prep Time – 5 mins.
  • Making Time – 20 mins.
  • Total Time – 25 mins.
  1. 1 bowl Chilled Heavy cream – Malai (Accumulated at home over a week)
  2. Lots of Ice cubes
Homemade Butter Ingredients Used

Homemade Butter Ingredients Used

Stepwise procedure to make Homemade Butter :

Before we start making makhan, we need to collect heavy butter, Malai, over a week. This malai is same that forms on the surface of boiled milk on cooling. In a lot of homes, this is just  by-product and is generally wasted. Households that use skimmed milk may not be able to collect enough from milk, as the cream content is already removed from this milk before packing. Store this malai in fridge. A week of malai should be good enough to make at once. Any more aged malai would have a pungent smell.  

  1. Take Heavy Cream, Malai, in a bowl and add some ice cubes to it and start blending it with a beater. When we start blending it will look soft and smooth, gradually it will start forming stiff peaks and we will get whipped cream, going further we can see butter separating from milk. It takes 15-20 minutes for butter to get separated from the residue.

Butter soft and smmoth Butter whipped creamButter almost separated







Butter separated from milk


2. At this stage, we can separate the Butter from the Butter Milk with hands in separate bowl. You can simply pick up lumps and squeeze out the liquid content by pressing lightly.

Homemade butter separating Homemade butter and milk Seperated

Butter and Butter Milk is Separated Now.

3. Homemade Butter is ready to be served with bread or hot paranthas.

Freshly made Homemade Unsalted Butter

Freshly made Homemade Unsalted Butter

Important Points to be noted in this Homemade Butter Recipe:

  1. Milk Cream should be chilled.
  2. We can use mixer as well for blending purpose. Wet blade for blending purpose in the whipping mode (when we turn the knob of the mixer in anticlockwise direction) should be used if mixer is used.
  3. It will be clearly visible when  butter gets separated from the milk.
  4. We will get thick milk cream if we boil milk and let it cool overnight.
  5. We should store the collected milk cream in fridge to ensure that it does not get spoilt.
  6. You can use a Muslin cloth for straining as well. It is less messy but you will have to leave it to hang for few hours.