In my previous post, we looked at how to make White Butter or Makhan, now we will make homemade Clarified Butter or Desi Ghee which we will prepare from Makhan. The Makhan itself is made from Malai.

I have learnt this from my mom as I have always seen her preparing Ghee at home whenever Milk Cream gets accumulated at home. We can use it in our daily cooking. This Ghee has a lot of medicinal value as well, go ask your Dadi for more!

Ingredients Used for Homemade Ghee:

Cooking Time: 15 min

1. Unsalted Butter – 200 gram – Follow the recipe here to get to this unsalted butter from Malai.

Freshly made Homemade Butter

Homemade unsalted Butter

Stepwise procedure to make Homemade Ghee:

1. Take the Unsalted Butter in a Kadhai and put it on medium flame.

Unsalted Butter in a Kadhai Butter on a Medium Flame

2. The butter will start melting and soon you will see bubbles forming on top.

Butter starts Melting Bubbles forming on top

3. We will lower the flame and continue heating it till Ghee starts floating on top. We can see burnt solid fats accumulated at bottom.

Ghee Started Floating

4. Switch off the stove. Now, we will separate the burnt solid fats and Ghee with steel strainer.

Seperating Ghee and Solid fats

Separating Ghee and Solid fats

5. Homemade Pure Ghee is ready to be used. We can now make hot Paranthas with it.

Pure Desi Ghee

Pure Desi Ghee

Important Points to be noted in this Homemade Desi Ghee Recipe:

1. We should use the stainless steel strainer to separate Ghee and Solid Fats because Ghee will be too hot to be passed through plastic Strainer.

2. Store it in a glass or steel container. Do not use any form of plastic container.